Bakersfield Apartments Westcourte Luxury ApartmentsBakersfield Apartments Westcourte Luxury Apartments, 7107 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93309, Telephone 661-834-7026

Bakersfield Residence Apartments

The Bakersfield Residence Apartments are located at 7107 Ming Avenue

Bakersfield, California 93309

Telephone 661-834-7026 for your Westcourte Residence Apartment visit today.

Bakersfield residential apartments are available today at 661.834.7026 in Bakersfield, California, a 2 hour car drive from Los Angeles. The Westcourte Luxury Apartments in oil town Bakersfield are designed for those short and long term renters unwilling to accept the ordinary. At first glance of the Westcourte you will notice the distinctive feel of a Bakersfield village nestled in rolling grassy areas with water nearby and amenities seeking to please the renter, surrounded by abundant, mature California trees. Located in Bakersfield's most prestigious neighborhood within close proximity to highways and the interstate, Westcourte is also close to California State University at Bakersfield, several health clubs, numerous golf courses and the Bakersfield's finest shopping malls, neighborhood schools, movie theaters and fine restaurants and fast food drive-ins.

Excellent Bakersfield Residential Apartments

Bakersfield Residential apartments at the Westcourte offer you a number of studio apartments, one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments for rental today. These residential apartments differ from each other in terms of their size, the number of bedrooms, the number of bathrooms, and many other residential amenities. These residential apartments are located in one of the best locations for convenience to super markets, elementary and senior high school, as well as a comfort level second to none.

Residential Apartments in Bakersfield

Bakersfield residential apartments at the Westcourte offer you the perfect living quarters for day to day in close vicinity of your workplace, friends and family. The residential Westcourte apartment location will influence your short commute time to and from work or other business and social places in your life. The residential Westcourte is going to help your daily schedule because of its prime convenience..

Bakersfield Residential Apartments at the Westcourte

Residential living is a spacious studio apartment that is approximately 550 square feet, that is available to rent on a month to month basis with a security deposit or at a discount rate with a six (6) month lease with a smaller deposit required.

Residential living is a large 1 Bedroom Apartment that is approximately 700 square feet renting month to month with a security deposit or there is a lower rent available with a six (6) month lease and a smaller deposit required.

Residential living is a comfortable 2 Bedroom apartment that is approximately 875 square feet available on a month to month with a security deposit or there is a lower rent available with a six (6) month lease and a smaller deposit required.

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