Bakersfield Apartments Westcourte Luxury ApartmentsBakersfield Apartments Westcourte Luxury Apartments, 7107 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, California 93309, Telephone 661-834-7026

Westcourte Luxury Apartments are freeway close. Three miles west of the 99 frwy. Between Ashe Road and Gosford Road. We are 5 minutes away from Route 58 (Blue Star Memorial Hwy). This gives you easy acces to Los Angeles, Barstow and Ventura. Los Angeles is a quick 2 hour drive. Barstow is a 2 1/2 hour drive and Ventura is 1 3/4 hours away which makes your commute quick and easy the Westcourte way.

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Bakersfield Apartments for Rent at the Westcourte.

Bakersfield Apartments for Rent is located in Kern County, California. The city of Bakersfield apartments is legally called a county seat. The community of rental property and household leases was named after Colonel Thomas Baker, founder of the territory who would later die in a terrible typhoid epidemic. According to the global map of apartment rental dwellers, the latitude of Bakersfield California is 35.373N. The longitude for apartment renters is -119.017W. For those apartment seekers the city of Bakersfield is in the Pacific Standard time zone, with an elevation of 404 feet.